University Policies and Guidelines The University Policies and Guidelines provides user‐friendly access to University policies, as well key procedures and guidelines. The database assures that the IBA community can readily retrieve the most current versions of University policies. What is a University Policy? University policies advance our academic mission as an institution of higher education by helping to ensure compliance with applicable laws, ethical norms, and accepted best practices; promoting operational efficiencies; enhancing the opportunities to achieve the University’s goals and reducing institutional risks. University policies have broad application throughout the University across colleges, schools, institutes and/or operating units. These policies apply to all University Affiliates to the extent that they are relevant to the Affiliates' operations, unless an exception is provided by the President or the President's designee, in consultation with the General Counsel. Policy Applicability University policies can apply to some or all members of the University Community, including: (a) the Board of Trustees; (b) faculty, including visiting faculty; (c) researchers, including persons conducting research at or under the auspices of the University; (d) employees; (e) volunteers; (f) fellows, trainees and post-doctoral appointees; (g) students; and (h) others who are performing activities or providing services at or under the auspices of the University, including consultants, vendors, and contractors. Employees engaged in developing University policies must follow the requirements outlined in the IBAPolicy on Policies for drafting, approving, and amending University policies